My Bikes

Most of my Simplexes have names and are named after my brother and sisters who were born the same year the bike was produced. Since the bikes live in the house, I thought they might as well have names.

1948 Model L (a.k.a. "Cindy")
This is the first Simplex I ever restored. As you can see it was in rough shape from sitting in an old barn outside of Des Moines, IA. This was a real learning experience for me and motivated me to try my hand at some more bikes. This bike has been to quite a few shows across the country and scored 100 points at the AMCA Nationals. It has also been featured in a couple of books and magazines.

1958 Automatic
Since the '48 was a foot shift model, I decided to try my hand at an Automatic. I found this one in Illinois (courtesy of eBay). This one almost ran when I got it and didn't need lots of parts to make it complete. This bike has also been to the AMCA Nationals and scored 100 points as well. It also won the Bob Saar award for "Excellence in Restoration of Motor and Power Cycles."

1959 Sportsman (a.k.a. "Lori")
Since the '48 and '58 models had the 125cc engines, I figured I had to find out what the 150cc engines felt like (not to mention those ape-hanger handlebars.) Enter the 1959 Sportsman. Another eBay find that had me traveling to the Detroit suburbs. This bike was in fairly rough shape and needed lots of engine work. This bike has also been to the AMCA Nationals and was featured in the AMCA 2005 calendar.

1952 3 Wheel Truck (a.k.a. "Eric")
Since I had a representative sampling of the 2 wheeled models, I figured it would be nice to try and find a 3 wheel model so that I could get rid of some more of that space that I would never use in my garage. In 2004, I got my chance to take up some more of that space with this 1952 Truck used by the S&S Shell Oil Service Station in New Orleans, LA (home of the Simplex factory). This model had the optional tow bar so that the service attendant could pick up and drop off customer vehicles. The tow bar clamped on to the bumper of the customer's vehicle.

1937 Direct Drive
The one item I did not have in my collection was the first generation direct-drive Servi-Cycle. This is the most recent addition to my collection. This was salavaged from a junkyard years ago and finally has had its chance to get refreshed to the way it looked when it came out of the factory. It is a work in progress. I will post pictures as I progress.