Welcome to Servicycle.com!

Servicycle.com is a website that displays my Simplex Servi-cycle restoration efforts. Here you will find before, during and after photos of a number of my restorations along with other Simplex items that may be of interest. During the restoration process I needed several items that were not available from other Simplex sources and I had to have those pieces custom made. These parts including the one-year only 1952 Simplex decals are not available anywhere else but are available to you via this website. The Other Resources section lists other parts suppliers and contacts you who can help you with your parts needs. The Wanted section lists parts that I am currently looking for and the Contact section shows you how can contact me.

*Note: If you own or know of someone who owns a three-wheeled Simplex truck we would love to hear from you. We know that there are not a lot of our beloved 3 wheel survivors out there and we would like to build a registry of these trucks to document the few that still exist. Your name (and address if you include it) will not be posted on the web unless you specifically ask us to. The sole purpose of this endeavor is to document what years/serial numbers are really out there and at least a rough geographical area of where they are located.